Northwest NEWS

November 30, 1998


A wake-up call for Canterbury Square residents

Having been a resident of Canterbury Square Mobile Home Park for a number of years, I wonder about the "Peace and Humanity" we residents hear so much about in the monthly publication of the Canterbury Crier.

   Is the constant turmoil and discontent happening in the Canterbury Mobile Home Park contributing to the stress which weighs heavily on all the aging residents of the mobile home parks?

   In a number of publications of the Canterbury Crier, reference has been made to an Italian statesman in the fifteenth century by the name of Niccolo Machiavelli. This man spent many years in prison for publishing subversive statements against the government controlling Italy at that time. One of Machiavelli's statements was that to destroy a nation or organization, it should be done from within.

   It appears to me that this is what has happened in the Canterbury Square Mobile Home Park. The trust and faith has been destroyed by the ghost of a fifteenth century statesman.

   How can "Peace and Tranquility" exist in Canterbury Square Mobile Home Park when the rules and regulations are governed and controlled by the ghost of a fifteenth-century statesman who spent most of his life in prison?

   To all the decent people living in Canterbury Square Mobile Home Park, I say to you: Wake up, wake up, wake up! It is later than you think and you all deserve better.

Don Bingham, Canterbury Square