Northwest NEWS

November 30, 1998


Let your legislators know how you feel

There have been some excellent letters recently protesting the Olympic Pipe Line and the North Bend gravel pit and cement plant. I wish to add my voice loud and clear in protest.

   I am lumping these companies together (Texaco, Arco, GATX for the pipeline; Weyerhaeuser and Cadman for the "millisecond" gravel pit) because there are many similarities:

  1. They all are filthy rich.

  2. They are allergic to the truth.

  3. They consider making lots of money more important than regard for the land and the people who live there.

  4. Both organizations have hired PR people to try and convince us that they are the good guys riding in with their white hats to defend all things good.
   I read in the Press-Intelligencer that Olympic was mapping a route outside of Yakima. The first choice was next to a gunnery range, but for obvious reasons, that was out. The one chosen was through a park with a petrified forest. They decided they could move that. What arrogance! It's like regulating the flow of Snoqualmie Falls!

   Keep the letters coming. When they are printed, send copies to Gov. Locke, King Co. Executive Ron Sims, and our legislators. Let them know how we feel.

Marguerite Ensley, Carnation