Northwest NEWS

November 30, 1998

Valley Special

Volunteers and donations made community dinner possible


Local musicians entertained diners at the first Duvall/Carnation Community Thanksgiving dinner held at Holy Innocents Catholic Church in Duvall.

by Barbara Browne, special to the Valley View

   Hearts were warmed by live music at the first Duvall/Carnation Free Community Thanksgiving dinner held on Thanksgiving Day. Volunteers from around the area served about 100 dinners to local people, gave rides to diners who needed transportation, and also delivered dinners to homebound people.

   One woman leaving the dinner site with her young son smiled and said, "This was like spending the holiday with a big family, even though my son and I don't have one. And I'd thought we were going to have a lonely day!"

   The dinner was held at Holy Innocents Catholic Church in Duvall, where a cornucopia ice sculpture and autumn decorations gave the dining hall a festive air. Randy Sidelinger played the violin during the beginning of the dinner. Then the Burke family of Duvall took over, with John and Susan on the fiddle, and their daughters Erin and Elizabeth on piano, fiddle, and vocals.

   The Thomason family also helped out with the vocals. Finally, John Beaumier played the flute and Myra Chaney the cello to round out the afternoon's lovely music.

   Diners were served with turkey, ham, and all of the trimmings--all made possible by the generous donations of local businesses and individuals.