Northwest NEWS

December 7, 1998


Response to letter on Canterbury Square

In answer to the letter published last week about Canterbury Square, first of all, the following are the results of our annual November survey. The numbers indicate the excellent performance of staff and satisfaction of our residents.

   As always, we look forward to the receipt of the survey which had been mailed out to the members of the Association. We always receive them with mixed emotions. We know that there will be a few darts thrown as well as bouquets. The following are the results of the survey:

   One hundred thirteen members responded to the survey. Nine percent of the survey were negative when asked about the performance of the Board; ninety-one percent were positive.

   The response to an increase in the maintenance fee and increased improvements, if necessary: 88 percent were opposed and felt that the deliberate way that matters were being handled was more than adequate.

   In the Rules and Regulations, 89 percent responded that they were satisfied in regards to the committee rates; 89 percent were satisfied.

   In regards to Voluntary Assistance, only 23 percent indicated a favorable interest in so doing.

   There were a number of good suggestions regarding reduction of traffic speed, trimming shrubbery, and better vehicle access; also suggestions concerning street parking and the usual "dog poop" problems.

   There were a few heavy harpoons thrown by the nine percent, which accomplished little, other than a release of passion. We are happy that the vast majority of the members are pleased and supportive of the board and its activities.

   Since the critic, the author of the letter, is personal in his approach, it might be wise to present the following:

   He was served on civil charges of assaulting one of our senior members at a condominium meeting. The suit was dropped after he agreed to send an apology to the victim, the Board of Directors, and all members of the condominium, admitting a belligerent attitude.

   The historic reference to Machiavelli is inaccurate. He was Republican and was a freedom leader of the Florentine in Italy who was imprisoned by Alessandro DeMedici for years. DeMedici was a tyrant who was later assassinated. Machiavelli stated, "In order to conquer a country, you must first destroy their heros, lest they remember a better day." This the author of the Letter to the Editor is attempting to do. His comments about calling our condominium a mobile home park and his misnomer of the Canterbury Square newsletter indicates his lack of the correct facts.

Canterbury Square Condominiums Board of Directors