Northwest NEWS

December 7, 1998


Canterbury Square is a great place to live

An item appeared in the Nov. 30 issue of this paper regarding Canterbury Square written by one of our residents which must be rebutted. I have never in my life been more angered and embarrassed.

   He incorrectly identified us as a "mobile home park," which we are not. Approximately three years ago, we became a legally-structured Condominium Association governed by a set of rules and regulations, a copy of which has been furnished to and agreed upon by each member.

   To contend, as the writer did, that we are a cauldron of unhappiness and discontent governed by "the ghost of a 15th-century Italian statesman," Machiavelli, is the most ludicrous, idiotic, and in my opinion, uninformed analogy I have ever heard. It must require an enormous overactive imagination to make such a comparison.

   There are 125 homes in our Association and a recent survey of all members resulted in 90+% satisfaction with the governing body.

   The contention that we are in "constant turmoil and discontent" certainly is not indicated by the above approval rate. His claim of general unrest simply does not exist.

   Our community is, I'm sure, a microcosm of most neighborhoods with its quota of happy and unhappy residents. To attempt to give the impression that we all are living a chaotic and stressful existence is very far from actuality.

Name withheld upon request