Northwest NEWS

December 7, 1998


NYSA candidate speaks out

With the Northshore Youth Soccer Association (NYSA) elections coming up, I want to announce my intent to seek re-election to the NYSA Board as registrar. My name is Someone Else. I had expected a tough three-way race against two other opponents, including Everyone Else, but Everyone Else is too busy, so my only opposition will again be Nobody Else. I am expecting a spirited campaign by Nobody Else, since we have squared off in a number of previous elections.

   It started a number of years ago in the Kenmore Soccer Club when I heard that the club was in danger because Nobody Else was running for nearly all of the Club Board positions. I decided that if my kids were going to have a place to play soccer, maybe I should get involved. Of course, most of the parents in the club were happy to see Someone Else volunteer, and I was elected Club registrar.

   Then a couple years later, the NYSA Registrar position became vacant. Again, my opponent Nobody Else wanted that position. I sure didn't want Nobody Else doing the registration for 5,000 kids in NYSA, and again all the families in the NYSA were happy to see Someone Else in that position.

   I want to thank all the people who have supported me in the past elections, and I hope I can count on your support in the upcoming election against Nobody Else again. Nobody's campaign remains the same: "Let Everyone Else do it." Now I ask you, what is that going to accomplish? Nothing will get done! After all, Everyone Else already said they're too busy to help.

   There sure is lots of work to do to organize and run a soccer association of 6,400 players. Some people complain about the game schedules, but they let Everyone Else prepare the schedules. They complain about the lack of fields, but they rely on Everyone Else to talk with King County or cities or the Northshore School District to build more fields or to give NYSA top priority for field use.

   If we only had more parents participating in the organization, giving support to the hundreds of coaches and dozens of club and association board members, then that poor Everyone Else would have more time. If we are not careful, Nobody Else will run everything. Thanks for listening. Thanks for your vote.

Someone Else (alias: Roger Coffey), NYSA Registrar