Northwest NEWS

December 7, 1998


PUD awards grants to Northshore teachers

Snohomish County PUD has awarded grants to Mark Mayberry of Canyon Creek Elementary and Tim Rhoades of Crystal Springs Elementary as part of an effort to fund the development of projects that incorporate energy and water education into the curriculum. The grants are among a total of $3,250 in grants awarded to 11 teachers in all disciplines throughout the county.

   Mayberry received a grant in which 6th grade students will study the role of native trees and shrubs in maintaining the health of a regional watershed, while Rhoades received a grant in which fourth grade students will learn simple electrical principles by building both series and parallel circuits.

   Included among the other winning lessons is a project in which students will design and construct a machine that converts heat energy into mechanical energy, a project in which primary school students will discover how to build electric circuits, and a project that will demonstrate the importance streams play in the ecology of wildlife and fish habitat.