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December 7, 1998

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Truck loses brakes on Novelty Hill, rolls over

truck accident

Not much remains of this truck that flipped over on W. Snoqualmie Valley Road after losing its brakes on Novelty Hill Road last week. In the background is a backhoe that road crews had been using to repair a slide.
Photo by Bud Backer.

King County Roads crews working on W. Snoqualmie Valley Road had to run for their lives last week when a truck and trailer went out of control and headed straight at them.

   The driver of the electrical utility truck had lost his brakes coming down NE Novelty Hill Road but managed to negotiate the curves and turn northbound on W. Snoqualmie Valley Road before the truck rolled over, said Fire District 45 Chief Bud Backer.

   The truck, belonging to Evergreen Utilities, was towing a trailer full of power poles, Backer said. Fire units arrived to find the truck resting on the driver's side, blocking both lanes of travel. The trailer was still upright, but had stopped immediately at the edge of an area involving road construction, narrowly avoiding going over a 20-foot embankment.

   Backer said several King County Roads personnel had to dive over the edge of the road and down the embankment to avoid being hit by the truck.

   The truck driver, a 28-year-old male from Everett, suffered minor injuries and was transported by fire department aid car to Valley General Hospital in Monroe.

   Rochelle Ogershok, King County Roads spokesperson, said workers had been repairing part of the W. Snoqualmie Valley Road that had been undermined by a slide. "The slide was caused by the recent heavy rains," she said.

   Ogershok added that crews will be working over the weekend and they expect to have the repairs finished by early this week.