Northwest NEWS

December 7, 1998

Valley Special

Garbage schedule set for holidays and times of bad weather

During times of bad weather, if Waste Management is unable to perform collections safely, collections will cease temporarily.

   If they have not collected your garbage or recycling on such a day, please store your material until the following week when your driver can safely collect two weeks' worth of materials. During these periods, collection announcements will be forwarded to various radio stations (KIRO 710 AM, KOMO 1000 AM, and KING AM).

   Waste Management will not work on Christmas or New Year's Day. For these days and the days following the holiday, the collection will be performed one day later. Residents should have their material out for collection early in the morning.

   With the additional paper products that are generated during the holidays, here are some helpful hints to make the collection and recycling process go more smoothly: