Northwest NEWS

December 14, 1998


Peace and tranquility at Canterbury Square

In response to the "wake-up call" to residents of Canterbury Square, I have talked to several people in the Park and no one seems to have the least idea of what he is talking about. I have tried to call him on the phone, but he isn't answering.

   Is this Machiavellian talk supposed to contain some kind of message? Is he speaking in similes? As a contributor to the Canterbury newsletter, I have seen nothing in that publication that would suggest any Machiavellian intent or anything that could be construed as subversive by anyone's stretch of the imagination.

   As far as I can determine, everything here IS "peace and tranquillity," or at least it was until the letter writer's little tirade came to light.

   Come on. Relax and enjoy your remaining years here without trying to find a Quisling behind every bush. We've been through all that and most of us have left it behind.

George Behrend, Canterbury Square