Northwest NEWS

December 14, 1998


Residents proud of park

I think the letter in the Nov. 30 Weekly, regarding Canterbury Square Condominiums, deserves a reply. His problem with rules and regulations is puzzling, since they have been set down by an elected Board of members.

   The rules and regulations are well thought out and certainly necessary to keep this community one of quality. Without them, we would not be a community of pride, but a trash trailer court.

   The letter writer's thoughts on Machiavelli are ridiculous, since what he is really saying is that some members, themselves, are subversive and bent on the destruction of the organization. So who are these members, I wonder?

   We here at Canterbury Square live in a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. We have pride in our homes and the Court as a whole. In a community of over 200 units, we naturally will have some disagreements, but I argue with the statement that it "weighs heavily on all the aging residents of the mobile home parks." I suggest that statement is misleading, untrue, and wholly nonsense!

   On the contrary, Canterbury Square is a most peaceful, tranquil, safe, and well-regulated mobile park. I would say that the majority of us here in Canterbury Square are well aware of the fine quality of our park and proud of it.

Ellen Smock, Canterbury Square