Northwest NEWS

December 14, 1998


A sad commentary

I am writing about two situations that intertwine. The first situation involves a housewife who encounters abuse in her home, seeks help, naively trusts people and the system, thus spending years repairing her life.

   The second situation is similar. A mother finds blunt evidence of possible wrongdoing and seeks help to protect her children. The results are lies, harassment, alleged cover-ups by people, and a large Eastside church with monetary means.

   This is the system which quotes, "If we make a mistake, we must make it in the safety of the child." But it doesn't work this way when the accused person has money and connections and the accuser has a history of being emotional.

   Who is Child Protection Service actually protecting? Is it influential people or people with struggles and mistakes in their lives who are still trying to do the right thing?

   I'm sure there are many people out there who are afraid to get help after seeing what has happened to others. This continues the sad cycle of who can get help and who can get cured, who will have their lives ripped apart and who can skate through without a scratch.

   This is the sad commentary on the dollar and who it can buy.

Name withheld by request