Northwest NEWS

December 14, 1998

Local News


State tree branches being stolen

   OLYMPIA--The state Department of Natural Resources is stepping up patrols in state forests, hoping to prevent the further theft of trees and boughs this holiday season.
   Already, branches worth $10,000 have been stolen in the Hood Canal area, though 13,550 pounds of boughs and other greens were recovered in Kitsap County, according to DNR officials. Thieves hit tree plantations, ripping branches from white pines, Douglas firs, and cedars. Other trees are stripped bare of all their limbs.
   "When people take or damage a [state] tree, they're stealing from future generations of our children who have benefited from its revenue." said Jennifer Belcher, commissioner of public lands.
   Since 1970, DNR has generated $4.7 billion in revenue, nearly half of which goes to construction of state schools. Locally, there are state forests east of Duvall and in the Sultan Basin. Cutting trees there can lead to a fine and jail.

Alleged child-beater found

   EVERETT--Seattle Police arrested a Clearview-area man wanted by Snohomish County authorities for an alleged child beating early last week.
   According to Jan Jorgenson, Snohomish County Sheriff's spokesman, a person who recognized Todd Michael Watson, 29, from TV coverage notified authorities who picked him up in downtown Seattle. He was arrested without incident.
   Jorgenson said in November Watson beat the two-year-old daughter of his girlfriend so badly that he caused 30 bruises about her face and head, perforating an eardrum and hospitalizing her. The child has since been put in protective custody.
   Watson was booked into county jail.

Miller re-elected Council chair

   SEATTLE--Louise Miller, King County Council representative for the Woodinville, Redmond, and Lower Snoqualmie Valley areas, was unanimously re-elected council chair last week.
   "As this government faces critical regional issues, the county council will continue to play an important leadership role," said Miller, a Republican who is also a former state legislator. She has served as chair and vice-chair since being elected to the council.
   The chair presides over the legislative meetings of the council and chairs the Committee of the Whole. The chair also is responsible for the general direction of the council's resources, budget, operation, and organizational structure.

Davis, Fowler re-elected to top NSD posts

   BOTHELL--B-Z Davis and Jean Fowler were re-elected to their posts on the Northshore School District board of directors last week. Davis will continue to serve as president of the five-member board, and Fowler will remain vice-president for 1999.
   Davis, a Bothell resident and pharmacist assistant for a Kenmore drug store, has been on the school board since 1991. Fowler, a Woodinville resident, has been involved with the school district since the early 1980s, and served on the board since 1989.
   Tim Barclay, Northshore's newest board member, was elected legislative chair for 1999. Sue Paro and Kirby Larson also sit on the school board.