Northwest NEWS

December 14, 1998

Valley Special

Duvall Police Log

   Dec. 3: At about 6:48 p.m., officers were dispatched to a verbal domestic on NE Stella St. Officers arrived and found that the argument had begun when the 20-year-old suspect, the son of the victim, started using language that his mother did not appreciate being used in her house or around her other kids.
   The victim called police to keep the argument from getting physical. Officers determined that there had not been an assault and told the suspect that he had to leave for the night and not to come back until he could be civil in his mother's house. The suspect left the scene on foot.

   Dec. 4: Officers impounded a boat and trailer from the 15200 block of 1st Ave. All residents of Duvall should be reminded that, as a general guide, parking on a city street is limited to 24 hours in residential neighborhoods and two hours on Main St. Specific information on parking is available from the police department.

   Dec. 7: At about 2 p.m., officers were dispatched to a man with a weapon call in the 29000 block of NE 150th. Students from Cedarcrest High School reported that a man in a Jeep, parked directly in front of the main school driveway, had his door open and had a shotgun sitting in his lap.
   Officers arrived and placed the subject, a Duvall man, in custody. Officers confiscated the shotgun and found it to be unloaded. Upon questioning, the suspect told officers that he was just waiting for a friend and they were going to go duck hunting. Both the suspect and his shotgun were transported to the police station, but officers determined that no specific crime had occurred.
   Although the suspect was within his legal rights to have the shotgun with him, officers were able to impress upon him the "utter stupidity" of having the shotgun in plain sight while parked in front of a school. The shotgun was returned to him and he was released.