Northwest NEWS

December 21, 1998

Local News

Police beat


   Dec. 3: A Woodinville High School boy is suspected of stealing a portable Motorola Radius P1225 radio from Molbak's. Company officials became aware of the theft after radio broadcasts began interfering with internal business. Molbak's hopes for an apology, a cessation of radio vulgarities, and the radio back, or it may press charges.

   Dec. 10: An employee at Mackie Design saw two men loading pallets into the back of a 1976 Ford F-250, and told them to stop and leave. Later, he confronted the men who said they had permission to get the pallets.

   Dec. 11: Two men are suspected of entering the storage room of Ride Motorsports and taking two battery chargers, a fuel line, and tie-downs worth $69.

   Dec. 16: An inoperable license plate light caught the attention of an officer who contacted the driver at 7-Eleven. After running the 43-year-old Renton man's i.d., police arrested him for outstanding contempt of court and possession of drug paraphernalia warrants. A 28-year-old male passenger also had warrants for second-degree theft and driving with a suspended license.

   Dec. 17: Someone used a duffel bag to carry off $5,900 worth of jewelry, CDs, and clothing from a residence in the 14500 block of NE 178th St., and may have ridden away on a yellow Canondale mountain bike stolen from the home as well. The front door was forced to gain entry.


   Dec. 5: A woman living in the 6200 block of NE 184th St. put seven checks to pay bills into her mailbox. On Dec. 11, one of the checks came back made out to an individual. The check had been issued to Nordstrom's. The check had been altered. None of the six other companies have received their checks.

   Dec. 6: A woman shopping at Kenmore Safeway had her wallet stolen out of a shopping cart next to her as she opened the door on a freezer.
   A home owner in the 1600 Block of Inglewood Rd. NE discovered two cell phones with batteries under his boat in his yard on Dec. 14. He took the phones to the Kenmore Police. The phones had been reported stolen the same day.
   At 6:30 a.m., a man returning to his home in the 6500 Block of NE 171st found the door from his garage to his home open. As he went in, a man bolted from the house, knocking the resident to the ground. Victim had obvious pain and was transported to Evergreen Hospital. His wallet was missing from the home.

   Dec. 15: A woman driving home at 10:30 p.m. noticed a white pickup truck following her into her parking lot in the 18200 block of 73rd Ave. NE. She locked her car and went up to her apartment. She saw the white pickup park next to her vehicle and saw the driver looking at her car. Next morning when she went to her car, the front doors were unlocked. A VCR rented from Blockbuster Video was gone.
   Someone broke into a car at Kenmore Lanes at 1 a.m. and then drove off in a white and gray Honda CRX at high speed. Victimized car had a bullet hole and bullet inside it. At 1:17 a.m., Bothell Police spotted the suspect car and stopped and searched it. They arrested the driver from Federal Way for DUI. Two other occupants from Bothell and Kent were under age and had been drinking. The victim of the car theft identified items in the car as stolen from hers. Bothell Police found a Ruger (sp) pistol with ammunition, two cases of beer, a pair of stereo speakers, as well as a screwdriver, spark plug, and a dent puller. These tools are used by car thieves. The spark plug is used to break windows, the dent puller pulls out vehicle locks and ignitions, and the screwdriver is used to start the stolen vehicles. The driver admitted firing the pistol, using it to break the window, and stealing a box of empty booze bottles which he thought were full. He claimed the two passengers just watched the crime. All three were booked into King County Jail.

   Dec. 17th: In the 6500 Block of NE 181st St., someone stole a four-foot wooden sculpture of a standing bear holding a "welcome" sign. The bear was held in place by two metal bars set in concrete. The bars were snapped off at their base.