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December 21, 1998

Local News

LakePointe hearing calls for document approval

by Tom Traeger

   The appeal of the LakePointe project filed by Kenmore resident Dan Olsen focusing on traffic impacts was partially granted in finds released last week.

   Hearing Examiner Ted Hunter found that the permit must be re-examined with primary focus on 68th Ave. NE. The county declared it an "unfunded critical link" and Hunter said this must be further studied, as it affects the determination of concurrency by the county.

   Also, potential mitigation measures for LakePointe Way NE and 68th Ave. NE must be re-examined to determine if conditions for approval should be imposed, or if an exception is appropriate. And, just as important, the county must explain in writing why it exempted LakePointe from the traffic standards.

   When the required documentation is completed, the county will submit it to the City of Kenmore, which now has jurisdiction over the LakePointe project. The city can either permit the project or modify the decision which will them be open to appeal. The city must respond within 30 days of Hunter's Dec. 11 ruling.

   Gregg Dohrn, Director of Community Development for the City of Kenmore, said the finding of the hearing examiner "will further clarify issues related to LakePointe and establish a process and timeline leading to closure."

   He emphasized that the city has had excellent cooperation from the county and the developer in the transition in authority from the county to the city. Dohrn looks forward to working together as the project progresses.

   When completed, the 50-acre LakePointe project will include 1,200 residential units, 4,500 parking spaces, a 52-slip marina, and approximately 400,000 square feet of commercial/retail space and 200,000 square feet of office space. Within the site will be approximately 20 acres devoted to walkways, greenbelt, trails, and an amphitheater.