Northwest NEWS

December 28, 1998


December 20th fire in Bothell's Logsdon Building

   I am writing this letter to thank all those businesses and individuals that have helped us recover from a fire on December 20th in the Logsdon Building that could have been devastating to downtown Bothell.

   I thank God that no one was hurt in the fire that was confined to the section of the basement that was concrete, and that our Main Street is still here.

   Each of the businesses that were affected by the fire will fully recover from this very traumatic event. The businesses and individuals include: Custom On-Hold, Northshore Travel, Bill Neseth, CPA, Ideal Exercise, Mills Music, David & Karen Hilderbrand, and the Logsdon's apartments. Northshore Travel and Ideal Exericse are both operating out of their other facilities.

   Most people have no idea how much a fire like this can affect so many peoples' lives. The outpouring of support from our neighbors has been absolutely heartwarming. A special thank you to Sign Up Sign Company for donating needed signage for all of our businesses.

   The businesses in the Logsdon Building have grown to be almost like "family" during this last week, while they recover their own individual businesses from the smoke damage or odor from the fire.

   The fire occurred in the basement space occupied by Custom On-Hold Services, Inc., and it appears that that company will be able to recover fully, with little or no inconvenience to their customers. Even though their "recording studios" will need to be rebuilt, an amazing amount of Custom On-Hold's customer files and other documentation actually survived the fire, which is incredible given the appearance of the space today. The business is now operating out of a section of Logsdon's Hair Salon on the first floor.

   We are so thankful that David and Karen Hilderbrand, who occupy an apartment in our building, had a restless cat named "Tinker" in the late evening of Saturday December 19, who put the Hilderbrands on alert. Karen later awoke to the smell of smoke and called me. After investigating and finding smoke in the basement of the building, we called 911.

   Bothell's Fire Department responded, as did Woodinville Fire & Life Safety and the fire departments from Kirkland, Shoreline, Redmond, Mount Lake Terrace, and Snohomish County #7 and #1-11. Their response was in concern for the entire Main Street to be involved. The firefighters were unable to enter the rear of the building and had to cut through the floor of Northshore Travel to put out the fire.

   As I watched the firefighters and the billowing smoke from a building that has been such a big part of my life, I suffered a rapid heartbeat and was transported to Evergreen. I want to thank all the emergency crew, including Medic One.

   We are all now dealing with clearing out the debris and will be rebuilding approximately 2,000 square feet of the building.

Lynn Logsdon, Bothell