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December 28, 1998

Local News

Police to begin enforcing false alarm laws

WOODINVILLE--City officials are reminding those who live and work in Woodinville with burglar alarms that they are about to start enforcing an ordinance that could lead to fines for excessive false alarms.

   Residents and business owners will begin receiving information about the new regulations through the Chamber of Commerce or via direct mail, according to a city press release.

   "We are not seeking to fine violators, but to educate them on the new regulations and be available for assistance so that the number of false alarms can be reduced," said Marie Stake, community services coordinator.

   According to Police Chief Ken Wardstrom, there are about 82 false alarms a month, which take police away from other duties. He said that false alarms can be reduced by proper instruction and maintenance of the alarm system.

   Businesses with more than two false alarms and homeowners with more than three over a rolling six-month period will be subject to fines. King County will also begin a similar program Jan. 1.