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December 28, 1998

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Almost a white Christmas


It was almost a white Christmas for Mikaylah Leih, 3, who nonetheless had fun in the snow while it lasted.
Staff photo by Andrew Walgamott.

   by Woodinville Weekly staff

   Snow fell across the area December 23 and 24, but didn't stick around long enough for a white Christmas.

   Still, the two-to-three-inch frosting was enough for sledding and building snowmen, and a few anxious moments for motorists out doing last-minute shopping. Many awoke Christmas Eve to a fresh snowfall, coating evergreens, roofs, and roads alike. It was the second real snow of the month, and just the third of the year.

   Two brothers, Josh and Jordan, and their friend James, took advantage of the white stuff covering NE 203rd St., a steep street near the Wellington Hills Golf Course in Woodinville, for sledding. Others rolled up snowballs into short-lived snowmen.

   The snowfall came at the tail end of a cold snap. Last week began cold and white as a frigid mass of cold air slid over the state. Lows were in the teens and single digits in parts of Western Washington. Ponds froze over and fire crews responded to numerous water-related calls.

   Then a storm moved in off the Pacific Dec. 23, spreading snow across the region at first. But rising temperatures and rain began to wash the white blanket away on Christmas Eve. By Christmas Day, much of the snow locally had melted. The cold air mass slid to the southeast across much of the United States, leaving thousands in the South out of power due to ice storms.

   Later in the week, it rained, and the Snoqualmie River turned muddy with runoff. Only sandy roads gave a hint there'd been snow.