Northwest NEWS

December 28, 1998

Valley Special

Local agencies need volunteers, supplies

   "The holidays inspire charitable impulses," notes Snoqualmie Valley Community Network coordinator Ellen Kropp. "We want to remind folks in the Valley that commitments of volunteer time can make a long-term difference in improving the lot of many in need here, far beyond what a one-time gift can accomplish."

   To support this initiative, the Network recently surveyed a group of Snoqualmie Valley agencies regarding volunteer needs and "wish list" equipment needs. The results include the following:

   Call Lorry Kaye at 788-6716 for more information about the Lower Valley Youth Program and Mentor program needs. Ellen Kropp, at 333-6614, is the contact for the Snoqualmie Valley Community Network.

   The Snoqualmie Valley Community Network is a local body that coordinates, promotes, and funds various prevention-oriented activities locally.