Northwest NEWS

December 28, 1998

Valley Special

Duvall Fire Flash

   Dec. 16: Service--Carbon monoxide detector; nothing found.

   Dec. 17: Aid--Female, shortness of breath.

   Dec. 18: Aid--Female, 15, allergic reaction.

   Dec. 19: Aid--Mutual aid with District 10; car wreck; male, 48, bleeding from the throat.

   Dec. 20: Aid--Male, 37, suicide attempt; 1-car rollover, non-injury; male, 8, wrist fracture; female, 78, shortness of breath; female, unconscious and vomiting.

   Dec. 21: Aid--Male, 45, chest pain; male, 74, shortness of breath. Fire--Mutual aid with Snohomish Dist. 3 to a structure fire.

   Dec. 22: Aid--Male, 17, head injury; female, 5, lip injury. Service--Carbon monoxide detector activation, nothing found; mutual aid with District 10, water problem in a commercial structure. Fire--Mutual aid with Woodinville, 2-alarm structure fire.