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January 5, 1998


A Cocoon House is the answer

  Have you ever thought about your teen? Whether you have or haven't, listen up. We have a lot of homeless teens in the city of Woodinville, and we should do something about it. If a child is abused by their parents, guardian, or maybe even school friends or friends of their parents, then GET WITH IT!
   For all the teens who have been kicked out, have problems or are just plain abused, let's build a Cocoon House. Cocoon House is a home for teens like these. One reason we need this in our city is for the city police. They have had trouble getting all the drunk teens off the streets at night, which in this case is a hazard. Another reason we need Cocoon House is that teens with problems need to feel loved and cherished. They may not be as fortunate as others, but every child, teen, parent and person is special in their own way.
   At Cocoon House they receive love, attention and much more. Here they may also receive the best thing in their lives: to be understood. It's hard to be a teenager with problems in the 90's. I should know. I've seen it and not all of you have. Now, one last reason that we should build our own Cocoon House is so those teens may have a better future. If you build Cocoon House, our school would be happy to help provide food, clothing and gifts for the holidays. With these things, the teens have a better chance for happiness and an education. So if you want teens to have a better future, donate to this campaign. Help the students here at Wellington Elementary do what's right. We need your help to save our future.
   Anna Clyburn,