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January 5, 1998

Front Page

Teen charged with two counts of robbery

  by Josh Large
   Roman Federov, the teenage Russian immigrant accused of taking part in a robbery spree on December 18 that included Woodinville, pleaded not guilty to two counts of robbery on December 30. The charges represent only two of the six with which the King County prosecutor intends to charge Federov. During the arraignment, the young Russian stood silently while an interpreter explained the proceedings to him, and his public defender entered his plea. According to Dan Satterberg of the prosecutor's office, charges for the remaining robberies that occurred on the spree will probably not be filed this week. "The two counts he's charged with and the $150,000 bail are enough to hold him," Satterberg said.
   Federov is accused of accompanying Vitaly Kalchik on a burglary spree which began in Seattle's University District and wound around the north side of Lake Washington, reaching a fatal climax at a 7-11 on 175th St. N.E. in Woodinville. There, while holding up store clerk Albert Luna, Kalchick was shot twice and killed by the store's owner. Waiting in a stolen 1990 Honda Accord while the robbery occurred, Federov allegedly fled the scene after seeing the mortally wounded Kalchik stagger from the store. Police apprehended him after he crashed the car into a pickup truck and traffic light post, about a mile from the crime scene. Federov has a past criminal record. Prior convictions include: theft (three convictions), taking a motor vehicle without permission, possession of stolen property, malicious mischief (two convictions), unlawful Imprisonment, and residential burglary. Additional charges are still pending in Juvenile Court.