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January 5, 1998

Local News

Woodinville has new turn lane

  State work crews will soon put the finishing touches on a new turn lane at the corner of 173 Pl.-175 St. and 13l Ave. N.E. Last week, King County workers expanded the roadway to accommodate a dual left turn lane from eastbound 173 Pl. onto northbound 131 Ave. According to Woodinville traffic engineer Kurt Latt, the lane will not be operational until sometime this week, because the state must now install a new traffic signal. The signal will maintain the intersection as a "protective" junction, where all cars are shielded by traffic signals, as opposed to a "permissive" intersection, where cars must yield to other vehicles before advancing. Latt said that the city has been monitoring the intersection for some time and hired Earthtech to design the lane expansion. This project represents the first alteration in a host of projects planned for Woodinville. According to Latt, "1998 is going to be a big year for improvements." The demand for improvements in roads is, according to Latt, partly related to general maintenance and partly a response to increased populations in Woodinville and its surrounding communities.