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January 5, 1998

Local News

Fire crew responds to gas leak

  by Josh Large
   The Bothell Fire Department responded on Friday morning to a gas leak at the Home Depot on 120th Ave N.E. The leak was caused, according to Steven Susterich of the Bothell Fire Dept., by a forklift striking a pipe which fed the gas into a heater. The store manager switched off the building's gas before the leak could grow to dangerous levels. Had the leak been allowed to continue, claimed Susterich, the gas levels in the store could have reached explosive levels. According to Susterich, the fire department responded by opening the building's roof vents to allow the gas to escape. The store was reopened shortly after the incident occurred. Susterich was unable to speculate as to whether the heater may have been placed in unsafe proximity to a forklift work area, saying only that the heater's location apparently did meet code.