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January 12, 1998


A thank you and a question

  This letter had two purposes, first a "Thank you," and then to ask a question.
   Our thanks to the south of Cottage Lake area for their kindness and consideration of pets. We have a small black dog that came to us from the pound 18 months ago. We wondered why anyone would give up such a cute puppy until we had him at our home for a week. I won't go into all his shenanigans; let his new name give you the idea. It is "Houdini." Yes, he is a master of escape!
   The only way to keep tabs on him is to fasten yourself to him and this is not convenient most of the time. Yes, the yard is fenced. He digs, climbs over and works his way around. If the phone rings while he's in the yard with you, he's gone when you hang up! He loves to run, he loves to play with children (ours are grown), and he had found his way home after several hours away; but most of the time, someone brings him in, reads his tags and calls us to come get him. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
   We recently brought in a stray dog without any identification. We called King County Animal Control to report having her. They were curt and after a brief conversation, took our name and phone number, no description of the dog! PAWS informed us that we were out of their jurisdiction and Hooterville was closed for the holidays, available only in an emergency...this was not an emergency. We hoped to find the owner by advertising in theEastside Journal but the owner didn't respond. We did find a new loving home for the dog, but it was sure an eye opener to the world of lost and found pets.
   What is a person to do when an unidentified pet is found? If you are willing to house the pet till the owner is found, is there any organized way to spread the word of the lost animal? I see telephone and power poles littered with notices, but that's not very effective when our weather melts most signs quickly! Is there a "web page" on the Internet (available at the library) where lost families and their pets can be reunited? Couldn't the Animal Control keep an updated list for at least a week in an effort to relocate owners?
   We are attentive pet owners. "Houdini" is bathed and brushed on a regular basis, but he sure looks unkempt in a hurry; and the rain makes any wet dog unappealing. You can see why we are especially thankful for the thoughtfulness of our neighbors in helping us corral our "Houdini!" Thanks again.
   Nancy and Jerry Stafford