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January 12, 1998


Northshore schools deserve a 'yes' vote

  The graduation of our daughter this June will culminate over 25 years of Northshore education for our family. We firmly believe that our consistent support of education over that period of time was one of the best investments we have made. On February 3rd, we will vote YES for the Northshore Schools levies and bond. We strongly urge our Northshore neighbors to join us in supporting with our tax dollars one of the finest school districts in our state.
   The quality educational program in our district is an investment we believe benefits everyone in our community, whether or not they have children in school. The fact that the passage of this four-year funding measure will reflect no increase in the tax rate is evidence, in our opinion, of sound management of our Northshore schools. We thank the Northshore teachers and administrators for their dedication and commitment to the youth of our community.
   Tom and Bobbi Traeger