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January 12, 1998

Local News

Cable-TV discount for low-income seniors and the disabled

  King County Executive Ron Sims has announced that TCI Cable is offering a 30% discount on basic cable service for qualified low-income senior citizens and disabled persons living in unincorporated King County. Their discount is the result of terms agreed to by King County and TCI through a recent franchise renewal agreement. "For low-income seniors and the disabled, cable-TV programming can often be their main source for news and entertainment," says Sims. "Many residents in our unincorporated areas cannot get clear TV signals without cable, and most cannot choose between competing cable companies. This is a tremendous accomplishment that makes cable-TV service more affordable for those who can least afford it."
   Those unincorporated King County residents who earn $15,750 per year or less, are a senior citizen 62 years or older or have a permanent disability would be eligible to receive the discount. Applications for the cable-TV discount will be processed and verified through the King County Office of Cable Communications and referred to TCI. As part of the agreement, TCI will recognize a retroactive period back to Oct. 1, 1997, if the customer was receiving service at that time. All inquires should be made directly to the King County Office of Cable Communications at (206) 296-3880. Their address is 700 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2300, Seattle, WA 98104. Their TDD is 1-800-833-6388.