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January 12, 1998


Northshore helps students who didn't meet state standards

  Through a series of six workshops for fifth grade students and their parents, the Northshore School District is helping parents better understand the new state assessments and how to specifically help their child succeed. Parents can choose to attend the series of six workshops on math, reading, and/or language. The last workshop in the current series will be held on January 14, from 6-8 p.m. The math program will be held at Northshore Junior High; Skyview Junior High will host the reading workshop; and Timbercrest Junior High will host the language workshop.
   The workshops were originally created to help students who did not meet the standard on the fourth grade assessment administered last spring. Over the last three months, one hundred fifty families have participated in one or more of the workshop series. As "Partners in Learning," (the official name of the program), parents, students and teachers all work together in these workshops. Parents and their children take parts of the sample test and discuss the scoring so they can better understand what makes a good answer. Alternative approaches to problem-solving are also explored. Homework is assigned each week. Parents are invited to be active participants in evaluating the program and articulating their expectations from week to week. For more information on this program, call Louise Hatala, 425-489-6334.