The Edwards Agency

January 19, 1998


Letters to the Editor

Intersection is busier now and even more dangerous

 I understand that when several of my neighbors telephoned about this intersection someone in your office indicated that the City of Woodinville could probably afford one or two fatalities at this intersection. I believe it is a sad day for the residents of Woodinville that our community places so little value on human life. I hope your office, the Mayor and the City Council really do not support this philosophy.

Robbery has touched many lives

 As a business owner and operator my heart goes out to Mr. Otto Beech and those employees and customers of his store. Mr. Beech has obviously made his store a good place to work with long term staff.

Dear Cottage Lake and Reintree area homeowners

 During the recycling effort, we found overlooked ornaments that were left inside some trees which undoubtedly are treasures to their owners.

Unfinished schools are very frustrating

 Being that no taxes will be raised, I believe that this bond should have been passed. It would allow higher learning (affordability for books for one example. Our English class has only 30 books, making so we MUST finish book assignments in class, or we are in trouble).

Riverview levies are vital to children's futures

 The Maintenance and Operations Levy replaces an existing two-year levy which ends this year. The transportation levy will replace buses that are over 20 years old. Both of these levies are vital to meeting the safety and educational needs of our kids in the lower valley.

Corrections from former school board member

 As a board member during those traumatic days, I can assure anyone who's interested that we made it very clear what the citizens were getting for their money. I still think it was a good deal. We never said it included a football stadium and the project plans were shown in all meetings and available for all to see.

EMS tax would truly save lives

 Many people do not realize that all funding for paramedic level service, and a portion of the funding for basic life support service, comes from a countywide levy and not directly from your local fire departments.

Clarification of fire district taxing laws

 Why is the levy changing from .25 per thousand to .29 per thousand? Inflation, new regulatory standards, and the need for new equipment are just some of the reasons that are driving the cost of doing business up.

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