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January 19, 1998


Intersection is busier now and even more dangerous

  The following is a copy of a letter sent to Mr. Ron Cameron, Director of Public Works, City of Woodinville:
   Dear Mr. Cameron:
   Since 1992 when we first moved to our new home in the Chateau Woods area of Woodinville I have traveled 143rd Street every day both in the morning and in the evening. When we first moved to this area I found the intersection of 143rd and 132nd fairly busy.
   As time went on and two more housing areas were added; the intersection grew very busy and dangerous. Approximately 1-1/2 years ago I wrote the City of Woodinville requesting that a traffic light be installed at this intersection. I received a telephone call from Mr. Kurt Latt and he explained to me that the City of Woodinville was in the process of redefining the turn lanes at this intersection and hopefully that would work. The reason a traffic signal could not be installed at this time was because there was not enough funding in the City of Woodinville's budget. Unfortunately that did not work and approximately two weeks ago the City of Woodinville was out there again, adding more stop signs and redefining turn lanes. Well this is not working either.
   The problem that still exists and existed before all this work is that the drivers heading west from the wineries are not stopping at the stop sign and if they do stop they are not proceeding with caution and making the second stop before taking the left; they just go straight across the intersection without following the law.
   Now another Housing Development has been added to this area creating even more traffic. I understand from Mr. Latt that the City of Woodinville did not receive enough funds from the latest developer to add a traffic light at this dangerous intersection. Perhaps it is time for the City to go to the developer for some assistance.
   I understand that when several of my neighbors telephoned about this intersection someone in your office indicated that the City of Woodinville could probably afford one or two fatalities at this intersection. I believe it is a sad day for the residents of Woodinville that our community places so little value on human life. I hope your office, the Mayor and the City Council really do not support this philosophy. I would like to urge you to please meet with the Mayor and City Council of our community to resolve this issue. I hope to hear from your office in the immediate future on a resolution to this problem. Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.
   Marie A. Ballinger,