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January 19, 1998


Dear Cottage Lake and Reintree area homeowners

  On Jan. 10, BSA Troop 427 had its annual Christmas tree pickup and recycling fund raiser, and once again you all responded wonderfully. We as parents of the boys in Troop 427 thank all of you for your support and participation. The boys worked very hard Sat. Jan. 10 in freezing temperatures so their 1998 activities can go on as planned. During the recycling effort, we found overlooked ornaments that were left inside some trees which undoubtedly are treasures to their owners. If you are missing a "treasure" from your collection, please call me prior to our Feb. 2 troop meeting. Any unclaimed ornaments will be auctioned off to our parents as an additional fund raiser at that meeting. Thank you again for your wonderful help and support of Troop 427.
   Alene K. Grant,