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January 19, 1998


Unfinished schools are very frustrating

  I am 14 years old, not in the Riverview School District, and obviously not a tax payer, but this subject concerns me. I go to Timbercrest Junior High (TJH) and I know how frustrating having a school that is not completed is. Being that no taxes will be raised, I believe that this bond should have been passed. It would allow higher learning (affordability for books for one example. Our English class has only 30 books, making so we MUST finish book assignments in class, or we are in trouble). Our school had about 7 fire drills in the first week of school because of workers welding too close to the smoke detectors, or wires that control the fire drill system. I know all of us will be very grateful once this over.
   Like Ms. Bjornsen said in the Dec. 29 issue of the Woodinville Weekly "Even if the stadium bleacher roof is optional, that's okay. It seems that the Bellevue and Redmond schools don't need roofs. Couldn't we put that money to better use?" Although I have concerns about the other schools, this seems the best option. I thank you for your time.
   Aaron Le Mieux,