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January 19, 1998


Riverview levies are vital to children's futures

  On Tuesday Feb. 3, voters of the Riverview School District will be asked to vote on a two-year Maintenance and Operations Levy. In addition we will be asked to support a one-year transportation levy for new buses. The Maintenance and Operations Levy replaces an existing two-year levy which ends this year. The transportation levy will replace buses that are over 20 years old. Both of these levies are vital to meeting the safety and educational needs of our kids in the lower valley. The Maintenance and Operations Levy makes up 15% of the district's general fund. Our district is one of the fastest growing areas in King County. We have seen excellent improvement in our students' test scores over the past two years.
   Let us continue to provide a safe and properly equipped learning environment for our children by voting yes on Feb. 3. Children are the future of our community and everyone's responsibility to educate. Educating children today provides responsible citizens for tomorrow.
   Dave and Jeanne Hunter.