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January 19, 1998


Corrections from former school board member

  As a former Riverview School Board member, I should be used to Ms. Heuberger's complaining (Dec., 1 letters). Jacci is still stressed out about Cedarcrest being build in Duvall, where there are sewers and more high school students, instead of Carnation. No doubt she is correct on two or three of her 21 reasons for the bond failure, but she is definitely incorrect on item number 7: "...promised a complete high school," if her inference is that included a football stadium, field house, swimming pool, or whatever. Selective hearing does that!
   As a board member during those traumatic days, I can assure anyone who's interested that we made it very clear what the citizens were getting for their money. I still think it was a good deal. We never said it included a football stadium and the project plans were shown in all meetings and available for all to see. I guess selective seeing is also a problem. Some of Jacci's items are totally irrelevant and insulting to district parents and staff, as her way and right, but her single item (number 19) is probably correct in the voters' eyes: the project was too big at this time.
   Jerry Mercer,