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January 19, 1998

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WHS remembers Martin Luther King

  WOODINVILLE--Students at Woodinville High School were challenged to a "put-down free day" this week during an assembly honoring slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King last Friday. Vice Principal Sam Jackson made the challenge after telling the audience, which included Mrs. Swain's Woodin Elementary 6th Grade class, how King endured years of raised fists, dogs, water hoses and fires. "On January 20, my challenge to students, teachers and staff is to be civil to yourself first, and then others. No obscenities, no swearing, no put-downs," a call that drew prolonged applause.
   King's life was remembered. Students lit 21 candles in the darkened gymnasium as a narrator read 21 major events in his life, from birth to death by sniper April 4, 1968. The candles were blown out at that moment. ASB Secretary Jeanne Allen hoped students would reflect on why they had King's birthday off from school. "It's more than a day off and they need to remember why," Allen said. The assembly also focused on indigenous cultures.
   Students learned about the art and religion of the Snoqualmie Nation from an adopted member, David Horsley. Horsley, known as the artisan who carved the Beaver Lake Park housepost that Issaquah High School students burnt at an unsanctioned homecoming rally, brought two decorated dance blankets that signified Snoqualmie Falls and Tokul Creek. He also showed slides of various members of the nation wearing the blanket as well as explained polytheist symbols in several paintings. As for Jackson's call, Jonathan Davis, a junior, said he would "give it a good attempt."