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January 19, 1998

Local News

Police Beat

  by Andrew Walgamott
   A heater vent, stair trim and 360 square-feet of hardwoods valued at $1,001 were stolen during a commercial burglary of a house under construction in the 13000 block of N.E. 200th Pl. the night of Jan. 13. The home was entered via an unlocked door.
   Unknown suspects attempted to enter an outdoor equipment dealer's store in the 17500 block of 131st Ave. N.E. through a roof vent the night of Jan. 13. There was no sign that the store had been entered in the attempted commercial burglary. Suspects left a large rope behind.
   A dark blue 1982 Nissan 280 ZX was stolen from a park and ride facility in the 17800 block of 140th Ave. N.E. the night of Jan. 12.
   A stereo, three speakers and a pair of amplifiers worth $1,112 were stolen from a pickup parked in the 17900 block of 142nd Ave. N.E. the night of Jan. 11.
   A $68,071 C.O.D. check written to a home audio supplier in the 15300 block of the Wood-Red Rd. by a California customer was returned as a forgery Dec. 26. Previously, the customer had paid on other shipments.
   A fist-sized rock was used to break a large window at a community club in the 19000 block of 168th Ave. N.E. sometime over the weekend of Jan. 10.
   Police found seven full beers, six empties and a partially full beer in the bed and cab of a 16-year-old Everett boy's pickup when he was stopped for a defective brake light in the 19100 block of 144th Ave. N.E.
   The door of a fire station in the 14700 block of 148th Ave. N.E. was forced Jan. 11. Nothing was disturbed.
   A small glass pipe of the type used to smoke crack cocaine was found on a male arrested for a domestic violence related incident Jan. 10.
   A water bomb was set off on the front porch of an apartment in the 14000 block of N.E. 181st St. Jan. 10.
   Three white males climbing into the back of a Toyota truck parked near an athletic club in the 13400 block of N.E. 175th St. were scared off by the owner who yelled at the crew.
   A hole was punched through the wall of a deli in the 19800 block of 141st Pl. N.E. from a neighboring vacant unit the evening of Jan. 7. Unknown suspects made off with an undisclosed amount of cash, as well as cigarettes and gum.
   A 39-year-old woman pretending to be a nurse phoned herself a prescription of 80 tablets of carisoprodal and 160 tablets of hydrocodone to a pharmacy in the 14000 block of Woodinville-Duvall Rd. Jan. 6. A pharmacist filling the prescription noted it had just been refilled seven days earlier and attempted to have the woman arrested when she came to pick up her pills.