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January 26, 1998


Guest Editorial

Stanley O. McNaughton - an inspiration to all people

 On Monday, December 19, Stanley O. McNaughton passed away leaving a valuable legacy to us all. Stan was our man. A community leader with strong morals, ethics, patriotism and vision, Stan worked tirelessly for the benefit of all people.

Letters to the Editor

Some things are the same, some are different

 Voters can renew their commitment to quality education for Northshore students. We hope you will vote YES on the three measures. These are not ADDITIONAL taxes; they replace taxes expiring in 1998.

Voters entitled to both sides of school levy

 I feel that the voter is entitled to both sides of this issue since it involves a great amount of monies over four years. Within the voters' pamphlet, there is no explanation of how money will be spent. It is left up to the voter's conscience along with the reams of school supplied data to try to come up with a relative understanding of what's going on.

School district is community's greatest asset

 Over many years this excellent school district has earned our trust and support. Further, our local school property tax rate will not increase for four years because these issues replace expiring measures at the same level, and we will not see another school bond or levy until 2002.

There will always be life threatening emergencies

 I have been a volunteer firefighter/EMT with Duvall-KCFPD 45 for the past 15 years. During that time I have provided, along with various others, Advanced Life Support (ALS) services to the district. Our services were necessary because our access to ALS paramedics was limited by distance and availability.

Rural fire departments will be the most impacted

 The Medic One levy was created in 1979 as a practical county-wide funding solution to provide paramedic services throughout King County. It has insured that the dollars generated would only go to EMS, never to be impacted by budget cuts or political whim. These "insulated funds" have proven to be one of the key factors that has allowed our Medic One program to evolve into being recognized as the best Medic One system in the world.

We are all responsible for the education of children

 I am a senior citizen, not a parent and never have been, but I believe living in a democracy carries some responsibilities for the citizens. One of those responsibilities is helping to ensure that the children in our communities get a fair shake at education so they can proudly take their place in the workforce and be contributing citizens.

Levy critical to everyday functioning of schools

 I don't know if people are aware but we need approximately 2300 voters to vote, and out of that we need 60% of those voters to vote yes.

New mayor wants to know what you think

 I want to meet more of the community and get to know your thoughts on how the city is doing. I also want to know what concerns you, not just with the city, but with everyday life.

A united stand is needed against pipeline

 We know that pipelines leak, and just a tiny leak in the proposed gas, jet fuel and diesel pipeline could contaminate the Snoqualmie and Tolt Rivers as well as the North Bend and Cross-Valley Sole Source aquifer.

Street is not a race track

 Both myself and neighbors have personally visited the police several times to cajole and explain, and were handed myriad excuses from lack of radar units (?), to "we'll do something after school starts up." School has started up...for many years now, and I have yet to see any police presence.

Roxie's will be missed

 I have appreciated the staff's knowledge of different musical genres. The staff have ordered special items for me and have always delivered quality service.

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