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January 26, 1998


School district is community's greatest asset

  Please vote YES on Feb. 3 for all three Northshore School District bond and levy measures. Over many years this excellent school district has earned our trust and support. Further, our local school property tax rate will not increase for four years because these issues replace expiring measures at the same level, and we will not see another school bond or levy until 2002.
   The Maintenance and Operations Levy is crucial to our classroom programs. It supplements state funds to pay for teachers and staff working directly with kids in the schools. M&O levy dollars are greater than all non-staff operating costs. The Capital Projects Bond is needed to keep our 31 schools, our playgrounds and athletic fields and support buildings in good shape for a growing student body. Almost 80% of Northshore students go to college. The Technology Levy will help prepare our kids for well-paying jobs in the next century by expanding the use of computers for teaching and learning. The Northshore School District is our greatest community asset. Please vote to keep it that way.
   Rich Baldwin,