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January 26, 1998


Levy critical to everyday functioning of schools

  Are voters in the Riverview School District aware that we have a levy to pass on Feb. 3? Well, it's been two years since the last levy passed, and because of the growth in the Valley, we need to vote YES on the levy every two years. This levy is for the 2 year maintenance and operations and 1 year transportation. This levy has nothing to do with the new stadium; that falls under the bond. I don't know if people are aware but we need approximately 2300 voters to vote, and out of that we need 60% of those voters to vote yes.
   This levy is critical in the everyday function of our schools with staff support servicing our children. The M&O levy keeps our schools functioning. The money from the levy buys basic items including textbooks and library books, classroom supplies, materials and equipment. It also provides for some basic services such as counseling, a PE specialist, music specialists, additional costs of gifted and special education, co-curricular activities and athletics, routine building maintenance and transportation staffing.
   The transportation levy is needed to replace 5 or 6 of the buses that are 20 plus years old. Replacing the older buses will allow our kids to ride in buses that are up to current safety codes. Besides, it will save the district money in repairs. I think that is a good idea, don't you? I hope you think our kids are worth it by showing up and voting YES. The kids are very special people and need everything that we can give them, especially a great education, since they are our future.
   Kim Lisk,