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February 2, 1998

Local News

Owners still search for Annie, lost shepherd

  by Andrew Walgamott
   COTTAGE LAKE--The search for a reddish-coated German shepherd missing since December 28 continues. "I'd shout it from the highest mountain if I found her," Kim Estrada says of Annie, her and husband Jim's 13-month-old shepherd. Recent tips have centered in the Timbercrest Junior High area where a student reported that a shepherd without a collar tried to get into his classroom January 13. Annie ran off after being hit by a vehicle. Her collar was knocked off in the collision. Another tip of a shepherd a few streets over from Timbercrest came in as well.
   Kim said she staked the location all day with no luck. She says she's doing her best not to give up hope. While some tell her to face that fact that Annie may be gone forever, others tell her to keep her chin up. Annie has helped Kim and Jim to recover from the loss of a son four years ago. "She brought us back to life again," Kim has said. Anyone with information on Annie is asked to call (206) 954-5098 or (206) 954-5099.