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February 2, 1998

Local News

Malone sentenced

  EVERETT--Last week, Marty Malone, 44, was sentenced to jail for the next third of her life for her part in the murder of her ex-husband, Steven Ver Woert last February. Malone got over 23 years in prison. She'd pled guilty to first-degree murder charges last October. Sentencing for her accomplice, Jonathan Curtis of Phoenix, Arizona, was delayed after his attorney filed a motion for a new trial.
   Last December, a jury found Curtis guilty of first-degree aggravated murder in Ver Woert's death. Ver Woert was a 44-year-old Lake Pleasant resident who was also a telecommunications expert for Sprint in Redmond. His death was part of Malone's scam to collect $150,000 in insurance money. She hired Curtis, a 45-year-old construction worker, to carry out her plan. Curtis was to have been sentenced to life in prison.