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February 2, 1998

Local News

Voorhies charged in New Years Day killing

  by Andrew Walgamott
   EVERETT--William Voorhies was charged with second degree murder in Snohomish County Superior Court for the shooting death of a neighbor on New Years Day recently. The shooting occurred at the Green Acres Mobile Home Park near Canyon Park just eight minutes into 1998. Charging papers say Voorhies, 63, shot Fred Roger, 59, in the head with a .357 magnum and then dragged the body into his trailer to the kitchen.
   It appears to be the culmination of animosity between Voorhies and Roger that involved Voorhie's ex-wife Sherry. Papers say that both men loved Sherry "who apparently played one off the other for several months." Some time ago Sherry moved in with Roger one trailer over, papers say. Roger lent her money to pay for a divorce and included her in his will, but took her name off later, papers say. Sherry moved back with Voorhies and filed a restraining order against Roger which was terminated when Roger notified her that he would sue for defamation of character.
   Papers say that both men lived in fear of one another. Voorhies "expressed to others great fear of Roger" and Roger wrote numerous "notes, journals, letters and writings" which "express great fear and the belief that the defendant and Sherry may try to kill him. " Voorhies gave Bothell Police conflicting stories of how Roger's body came to lie in his kitchen. Papers say that Voorhies said he saw Roger lighting fireworks in Voorhies' carport. After confronting Roger, the victim walked towards Voorhies who retreated into his kitchen. Voorhies said he was confronted in the kitchen doorway and Roger lunged at him. He shot Roger and then dragged him into the kitchen to check his condition under better light, the defendant at first claimed
   After police told Voorhies they'd found brain matter outside his doorway, he "greatly revised what he had told police," saying that Roger had backed up outside the doorway after Voorhies pointed the gun. Sherry's account differed from Voorhies as well. Sherry said she'd heard Roger yell, "I'm gonna ...... kill ya" though Voorhies told police he didn't hear Roger make any threats. Voorhies had been charged in Everett District Court for the same offense previously. He is free on $20,000 bail which was reduced from $100,000.