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February 2, 1998


Northshore Junior High tops in math

  For the fifth year in a row, Northshore Junior High swept the in-district math competition. Northshore's six junior highs, each represented by a team of 13 math wizards, competed in arithmetic, probability, algebra, geometry and an oral event. Northshore Junior High came in first in all events. They placed first overall; Skyview placed second, and Canyon Park third.
   The winning team consisted of 9th graders Erin MacKintosh, Kenny Walden, Gary Stute, Joe Zeman and Leah Penn-Boris; 8th graders Jie Feng, Colin Trovato, Rebekah Levin and Rohit Duggal; 7th graders Tony Kelman Lauren Palmer, Xiao Wang and Chris Denton.
   Northshore Junior High will be sending their top four students from 7th and 8th grade to the regional math counts competition scheduled for Feb. 7. (Ninth graders are considered as High School for any state competitions.)