Northwest NEWS

January 4, 1999



January is 'School Board Recognition Month' in Washington

   "Local school board members believe that all children can be successful learners and maintain that the best education is tailored to the individual needs of the child," said Steve Nielson, executive director if the Washington State School Directors' Association (WSSDA). "They work closely with parents, educational, professional, and other community members to create the educational vision we want for our students.

   "School board members, as elected leaders, are responsible for ensuring the structure that provides a solid foundation for our school system," Nielson continued. "I urge every community to recognize the dedication and hard work of their local school board members and to join in this salute to the 1,482 individuals who make up our state's 296 school boards.

   "To do their job, school board members spend hundreds of hours attending meetings; keeping communications open with the citizens of their communities; representing the needs of their districts before local, state, and national organizations; and making critical decisions that directly affect what and how our children learn," Nielson explained.

   "As the governing body of a local school district, board members provide an overall course of direction for their schools to follow," he continued. "They participate in the key management decisions regarding budgets, personnel, building and grounds maintenance, curriculum, food service, negotiations, educational goals, transportation, and so on."

   The Washington State School Directors' Association is a statewide organization which represents and assists all local school board members.