Northwest NEWS

January 4, 1999


The school schedule is already too choppy

   Do you know of any companies or industries where the employees dictate to the employer on which days the company will do business?

   I do; it's K-12 education in Washington State. Once again, the Riverview school board/district has virtually given the privilege of setting the schedule to the teachers in the "bargained" contract negotiations.

   The teachers dare to ascribe to the statement that "all decisions are made in the best interest of the students..."

   What a crock! Since when is a mid-winter break in the best interest of the students? Is it a coincidence that the mid-winter break in our district is always the same week as other nearby districts?

   Could it be that dual-teacher households sometimes are employed in different districts? Are the teachers so enthralled with winter sports that they need this time to maintain their skills?

   My viewpoint is that the school schedule is already too choppy, especially in the months of January and February with Presidents Birthdays, Rev. King's birthday, half-days whenever the teachers want them, etc.

   This issue needs to be re-opened; the schedule should be set by people that are directly accountable to the parents and citizens of the district.

Anders Tronsen