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January 4, 1999

Local News

Postage rates to change Jan. 10

   On Sunday, Jan. 10, 1999, new postage rates will go into effect. The cost to mail a regular First Class letter will go up by a penny, from 32 to 33 cents.

   Postal customers are urged to avoid the last-minute rush to purchase the new stamps by buying 33 cent and 1 cent stamps early. The stamps are now available at post offices throughout Washington.

   Cost of First Class letters weighing one ounce will go up one penny to 33 cents, while postage for the second ounce will go down a penny to 22 cents, keeping the price of a two-ounce letter at 55 cents. The cost of mailing a three-ounce letter will be reduced a penny to 77 cents from 78.

   Priority Mail's two-pound rate will increase 20 cents to $3.20. The half-pound Express Mail rate for next-day service will increase $1 to $11.75. The new rates also include new product features such as bulk insurance and package discounts. Another feature, delivery confirmation for Priority Mail and Parcel Post shipments, will be available in late spring, 1999.

   New stamps include the "make-up" rate stamp (1 cent value) which depicts a rooster-topped weather vane and can be used to add to the 32 cent stamps that customers still have on hand; the "H" stamp (33-cent value) which features Uncle Sam's top hat and the words "First-Class Rate." Also available wil be a new $3.20 Priority Mail stamp and a new $11. 75 Express Mail stamp.