Northwest NEWS

January 4, 1999

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State Auditor critical of Carnation's accounts

faulty auditA series of errors state auditors found in the city's finances for the year 1997 can be blamed on the lack of a full-time financial director for that year, according to Mayor David Hunter.

Y2K: risks & solutions

Y2KWith only 51 weeks left before the turn of the century, Y2K (the year 2000) is one of the primary concerns facing the world this year.

Navigating around the waters

floodingHeavy rain last week, coupled with a high freezing level in the Cascades, caused the Snoqualmie and Tolt Rivers to go over their banks for the fourth time in the last two months.

Report: Disneyland worker misjudged speed of ride

accidentAn accident at Disneyland that killed a Duvall man and injured his wife was caused when a dock worker secured a line to a cleat of a ship that was moving too fast, a report said last week.