Northwest NEWS

January 11, 1999


Thank you, Rep. Backlund

   As 1999 makes its debut, we find ourselves reflecting on the past while speculating on our future. The outlook for our area and this state is certainly more positive than it might have been, thanks in great part of the accomplishments of 45th District Rep. Bill Backlund.

   Looking back at his many achievements, we're reminded it was his tireless effort in passing performance audits that assures us our state agencies will operate more responsibly, and that it was his constant attention to health care costs which kept them from skyrocketing.

   Rep. Backlund's position on the Transportation Committee brought important dollars for our Eastside road improvements, including those much-needed traffic lights at the Fall City Road/Sahalee Way intersection and in Duvall.

   We will sorely miss his influence as the funding from R-49 is disbursed. Long after this new year has come and gone we will continue to benefit from having had Bill Backlund represent us in our state legislature.

   It has been a pleasure to work with this man of great integrity. Thank you, Rep. Bill Backlund, for a job well done!

Lois Gustafson, Redmond