Northwest NEWS

January 11, 1999


Response from the community was truly heartwarming

   Recently, some friends of our family experienced a tragedy that we all hope we will never have to deal with. On the evening of Dec. 22, they had a house fire that burned them out of their Woodinville home. They were fortunate that all of their family and pets got out unharmed.

   While a tragedy like this at any time is horrible, at Christmas time, it is especially devastating. In an effort to help brighten their holiday, some family friends looked to our community for help. The response was fantastic; many local restaurants and stores helped out.

   We would like to thank the following merchants for their donations: Home Depot, Ernie's Toys, From the Heart, The Woodinville Cafe, Jose's, Las Margaritas, Cherry Blossom, Big Foot Bagels, QFC, and the Ark Pet Store.

   At such a difficult time for the family, it was heartwarming to see how wonderful our community is. Many thanks to all of those merchants and to all of the friends of the family who helped out.

Jim and Lisa Dobbin, Woodinville